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We equip children to navigate their digital world

We cover what you need to fulfill PSHE requirements
and then add what children need to be safe and confident online

Professionally tested

Developed by specialists, the course has been updated three times in response to teacher feedback and to keep the content current.

Broad and encompassing

It is comprehensive: each part has been
designed to fit with and build on the others. The final part ties the course together.


Completely free

After years as a commercial product @FirstSite was made free to cope with demand from cash-strapped schools.

The goal

To provide a solid educational foundation on which young people can build as they grow and mature, empowering them to make smart choices about their future actions. 

Teachers, parents and students are concerned about how young people interpret online content that ranges from sexually charged music videos, to sexting between classmates, to commercial pornography. This course helps young people understand, discuss and navigate what they see online. 

Woven through the course are clear lessons about reality versus fantasy, the ease with which images can proliferate, peer pressure and unhealthy thought patterns. 

These build together to create a broader understanding of how young people can protect themselves online, with the final lesson bringing everything together into a coherent, positive and uplifting message.

A comprehensive guide

@FirstSite helps create an overall approach to online content, empowering students and giving them the tools to deal with whatever changes come their way in future. 

We also want your students to feel safe and secure while discussing these topics, so we’ve included additional guidance for educators on:

Rules for a safe learning environment
Sensitive topics
Religious concerns
Parental concerns

Pupils At Montessori School Raising Hands To Answer Question

We hope you enjoy the course

Let us know how we can improve it in future.